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Snow Day Activities for the Whole Family

Snow Day Activities for the Whole Family

It seems that the predictions were correct and that this winter is definitely a cold and snowy one. So with the likelihood of a few snow days in your future, you’re probably

thinking about some suitable snow day activities to keep your family occupied. Whether
a snow day makes you want to bundle up and get out into the fresh air, or hibernate in
your pjs all day, there are many different ways to turn a snowy day into tons of fun.
Indoor Activities
If your family is the type that likes to hibernate, you’ll find that there’s no end to the
things that you can find to do around the house. However, there’s no need to let a snow
day turn into a day with everyone in their respective corners. Create some together
time that brings everyone together.
Plan a Family Room Picnic
Bake some cookies, whip up some sandwiches and snacks, and even add some mugs of hot apple cider or hot chocolate. Then grab a big blanket, some pillows and take your picnic into the family room.
Time for Tea
If you have young kids who are enamored with the idea of a tea party, a snow day offers
the perfect opportunity to create one of your own. Have them dress up in fancy dresses
or even designate a princess theme. To set the scene, bring out the good dishes and fill
them with tiny snacks, brew some tea (or hot chocolate) and even “invite” cherished
dolls or stuffed animals along to enjoy the day.
Get Crafty
A snow day provides an excellent opportunity for you or your kids to get crafty. No kids
to entertain? Log in to Pinterest and choose one of the thousand projects that you’ve
pinned (You know you’ve done it). Give arm knitting a try, paint an old frame and turn it
into a chalkboard sign, or turn some old tiles into a set of coasters with the help of some
scrapbook paper and homemade decoupage glue.
If you do have children to entertain, then the crafting possibilities are practically
limitless, from creating your own moldable “sand” out of baby oil and flour, to creating
good old fashioned macaroni jewelry or even building a small fort out of cardboard
boxes and duct tape.
Outdoor Activities
It isn’t hard to come up with snow day activities for families who love the great
outdoors. From building snowmen and snow forts in the backyard, to creating sweet
treats like snow ice cream, snow hot chocolate and maple syrup candies from pails filled
with clean fresh snow, and even timeless favourites like having snowball fights and
making snow angels, the possibilities for outdoor, snow day fun are practically endless.
Of course, when it’s all said and done and the kids are tired out, nothing feels better
than coming in from the cold to a nice hot shower and then enjoying the feeling of your
comfortably warmed home.

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