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5 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy New Year

Healthy New Year

5 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy New Year
Happy New Year to you and yours! Now that the holiday celebrations have ended, it’s
time to start thinking about the future. Like many others, this is a time of resolutions
and trying to adopt healthier habits. The key however, is to choose things that are not
only attainable, but also sustainable.
Set realistic, measurable goals and perhaps even some sub-goals that allow you to take
a step-by-step approach. For example: if your ultimate goal is to get into better shape,
rather than just making that your only goal, break it up into measureable steps, such as
striving to average a certain amount of time on the treadmill or substituting one fast
food lunch per week for a healthy, homemade salad. These may not seem like much,
but they are actually baby steps to help you achieve your ultimate objective.
Here Are A Few Easy, Attainable Ways to Enjoy a Healthy New Year
Get Creative in the Kitchen
If you enjoy cooking (or even if you just love to eat), make it a point to explore some
healthy, new flavours in the New Year. For example, did you know that cauliflower
makes a delicious substitute for many of our carbohydrate laden favourites? Believe it
or not, the internet is filled with delicious, nutritious recipes for things like cauliflower
rice bowls, cauliflower breadsticks and even cauliflower pizza crust! It may sound a bit
odd, but you just might be surprised by the results.
Play Outside
At this time of year, chances are good that what you really want is to tuck in on the
couch, under a warm blanket with a steaming beverage in your hands. However, it’s
actually the perfect time to get out and play outside. You’ll be able to meet any goals to
get into shape, but without joining the masses at the gym. Try out some new winter
sports on the weekend like snowshoeing, Nordic walking, or cross country skiing.
Did you know that going offline and spending face-to-face time with people is actually a
healthy habit? Investing in a healthy new year is about more than just your physical
wellbeing; it can be about fostering healthy relationships as well. Part of doing that is
actually getting away from your phone, tablet or computer and spending time with
friends and family. This new year, make a point of scheduling some face-to-face time
with people. Go to lunch, have coffee or enjoy a fun activity like bowling or even
shopping together.


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