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HVAC Maintenance

Most Canadian homeowners are well aware of the toll a harsh winter can take on a home’s heating system. While winterizing your home and scheduling an annual service call with Reliance Home Comfort are steps in the right direction, maintaining your system throughout the season will help increase your equipment’s energy efficiency and overall performance.


Here are a few winter maintenance tips that can reduce energy usage and keep your family warm and comfortable throughout the winter.


Check the Thermostat


Your home’s thermostat is a good indicator as to how well your Heating and Cooling system is functioning, so checking it periodically for response times can alert you to potential problems. If your thermostat is functioning properly, the system should have no trouble reaching the right temperature in a short time. However, if the system takes a very long time or never reaches the set temperature, this could indicate a malfunctioning thermostat or possible furnace problems.


Flue Pipe


Keeping carbon monoxide and other gasses out of your living area is essential to your family’s safety, so check the exhaust flue pipe and damper for obstructions on a regular basis. Caring for your furnace outdoors is equally important because ice accumulation, animal nests debris and drifted snow can also block the flue pipe.


Air Circulation and Filters


Because warm air is circulated throughout your home via ductwork and vents, keeping them clean and clear of obstructions will ensure that an even distribution of heat reaches all areas of your home. Clogged vents force your heating and cooling system to work harder in order to meet the thermostat settings, leading to increased wear on your equipment and higher energy bills. Similarly, dirty or clogged air filters also block heated air from reaching your living areas. Changing or cleaning these filters on a regular basis will enhance air circulation and indoor air quality.


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