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Holiday Gifts for New Home Owners

Have a new homeowner on your holiday shopping list? Help them settle into a comfortable, cozy home. There are numerous fun, affordable and sought-after gifts for new homeowners that are just perfect for that couple or single on your list who has just moved into their very first home.

We’ve compiled some of our favourites to make your shopping just a little bit easier.

Programmable Thermostat
You can help new homeowners stay comfortable and save money by giving a programmable thermostat. There are several different types offering different levels of programming. If you’re buying for a gadget-lover, then a smart thermostat will be well-received.

Smart Smoke Detector
Provide the gift of peace of mind with a smart smoke detector. This innovative option does away with everything that many people dislike about traditional detectors (the tendency to go off while we’re cooking, false alarms, etc). It is able to identify between a bit of smoke and a lot, speaks in an audible human voice and can provide alerts on the go via smartphone app.

Throw Blanket
Help them stay cozy and warm even when the weather is at its coldest, with plush, warm throw blankets for the living room. You can even have them personalized with names or initials. This is especially great for newlyweds.

A Pressure Cooker
Help the household cook save both time and energy with the gift of a pressure cooker. This quick cooking gadget has been making quite a comeback in recent years. As an increasing number of people strive to conserve household energy, this originally World War II era gadget has begun to find its way back onto retail shelves. You can save up to 60 – 70 percent of your cooking time, which translates to approximately 1/3 less energy usage.

1 Year Heating and Cooling Protection Plan from Reliance
Of course nothing is more comforting than the knowledge that your HVAC system will keep you warm even on the coldest of days and cool when it’s hot outside. That’s why we believe that purchasing our one year protection plan for your favourite new homeowners is an excellent way to show them that you care. There are four plans to suit most everyone’s needs – from our Heating Protection Plan up to our Heating and Cooling Protection Plus Maintenance Plan.

If you need more information or if you’re interested in purchasing one of our protection plans either as a gift or for yourself, please contact one of our home comfort representatives today.

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