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Has Your Furnace Stopped Working? Here’s What to do Next.

furnace stopped working

Has Your Furnace Stopped Working? Here’s What to do Next.
You’re wearing your warmest socks, your scarf is tightly wrapped and there’s a definite
chill in the air. Unfortunately, you aren’t outside, but rather standing in your home,
shivering because your furnace has stopped working! The question is, what should you
do next?
Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to call the professionals in to fix it.
However, did you know that there are actually a few things that you might want to
consider before you make that call?
Here are a few common issues that can cause your furnace to stop working, but don’t
actually require the services of a professional.
1. Dirty Furnace Filters
Dirty filters are a particularly common culprit behind an inefficiently performing
furnace. Dirt and debris can block vital air flow, preventing your furnace from
working as it should. To fix the issue, simply purchase a new filter from your local
discount or hardware store and follow the instruction in your owner’s manual to
make the switch.
You’ll also find that most manuals recommend changing your filters at particular
intervals. To ensure that your filter continues to operate efficiently, be sure to
replace your filters on a regular basis.
2. Dead Thermostat Batteries
It may sound incredibly simple, but the source of many a malfunctioning furnace is
in fact the thermostat … or more accurately the thermostat’s batteries. When your
batteries go dead, the display will go blank and the thermostat will no longer be
able to operate your heating and cooling system.
A good way to avoid this issues is to simply replace the batteries every year.
3. Thermostat Settings
Check to ensure that your thermostat switch is set to heat rather than cool.
4. Is the Furnace Turned On?
If repairs or maintenance work was recently performed on your furnace, but it’s not
working for some reason, you may want to check to ensure that it was turned back
on. All furnaces have a basic power switch somewhere. If you can easily find it,
check to see if it’s turned on.
5. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment
If you’ve checked all of the above and your furnace still isn’t working, then it’s
definitely time to call in the professionals. Repairing a furnace certainly isn’t one of
those projects that most homeowners can DIY, so it’s essential that you contact a
qualified HVAC repair technicians, like our home comfort specialists.
We’re committed to providing our customers with expert repair and installation
services, coupled with a superior level of personalized customer care. To learn
more, or to schedule a service appointment, simply contact us by phone or online


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