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Is Your Home’s Insulation in All of the Right Places?

The cold winter months are approaching, so now is the time to check your home insulation and be sure you’re prepared for the dropping temperatures. Proper insulation will help your home operate more energy efficiently and help relieve strain on your furnace. A professional energy evaluation can identify exactly where you need better insulation.


For now, the best way to check insulation is to identify where the outside weather can encroach. Use this list to check that your home is insulated in all the right places.


  • Attic space – If your attic is unfinished, put insulation between the floor joists. If it’s finished, install home insulation just as you do for regular living space – between studs and rafters of exterior walls, and along the ceiling.


  • Basement – Likewise, an unfinished basement should have insulation between the studs, and  finished would be fully insulated just like other living space. A properly insulated basement protects the space above it as well.


  • Ducts – If your ductwork is located in unconditioned space, seal and insulate where needed. Ideally your ducts should run through conditioned space to avoid energy waste. Take this opportunity to check your ductwork and fix any leaks or problems you discover.


  • Crawlspace and floors above unheated space – Looking for those areas that are over other big spaces are important. If you have a room above an un-heated garage, for example, you’ll want to make sure there is insulation in the floor as a barrier to the large un-heated space below.


  • Exterior walls – In an existing home, consider having fresh insulation added if you are experiencing problems. With new construction, you should work with your builder and make sure the insulation fits your plans for the space.


  • Windows and doors – Sometimes an overlooked part of your home insulation, windows and doors should be checked for proper seals. Caulk and seal, or replace if needed before winter sets in.


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