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Can Wood Stoves and HVAC Work Together

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Can Wood Stoves and HVAC Work Together
Wood stoves seem to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance these days. Some people view
them as a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to keep a house warm. However
the question lies in how to use them as an efficient heat source throughout the whole
home … if that is even a possibility.
Wood vs. Natural Gas as a Heat Source
As homeowners continue to search for new ways to reduce their energy consumption,
the burning of solid fuels such as wood have returned to the forefront. There are many
reason given for why wood should be reconsidered as a heat source for homes in North
America. These reasons include the fact that wood prices are less likely to fluctuate, the
belief that it frees people from depending upon gas companies and is inherently
However, while many people site sustainability as a plus for wood in the solid fuels
verses natural gas argument, there are those who would suggests that the grass is not
necessarily greener on the wooden side. It has been argued that wood is actually more
expensive, can emit dangerous secondhand wood smoke that is akin to secondhand
cigarette smoke and performs poorly as a home’s primary heat source.
The Integration of Wood Stoves and Central Heating Ducts
Of course trying something new is generally the best way to discover if it’s a viable
option for your household. So if you have decided to add a wood burning stove to your
home heating plan, you may be wondering how to integrate it into your existing set up.

While this integration can be performed, isn’t a simple process and is something best
left to professional HVAC technicians. This procedure begins with ensuring that your
wood stove fan is located right next to the furnace. It will then need to be connected to
the heat distribution box at the top of your furnace.
For most homeowners, such a process is not a simple do-it-yourself project.
Another factor to consider is the fact that wood heat cannot be regulated by a
thermostat. Your fire will remain hot and the temperature cannot be finitely adjusted
for changed in the weather or the number of people in your home.

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