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What to do About Uneven Heating at Home

uneven heating

What to do About Uneven Heating at Home
It’s a very familiar scenario among homeowners –the basement is freezing, the
bedrooms are boiling and the main floor common areas are generally just fine. The
question is, what can be done to remedy the situation? Uneven heating is something
that many homeowners complain about, particularly in homes with multiple stories.
As a first solution, your best bet is to close any registers in the room housing the
thermostat. Your thermostat is reading the temperature of the room it’s in and
determines how much heat gets pumped throughout the rest of your house based on
that reading. So when the ideal temperature is reached in the particular room, the
thermostat shuts the HVAC unit off, regardless of what the other rooms might feel like. By closing the register, it will take longer for the room with your thermostat to get up to the right temperature.
Another solution may be to take your thermostat fan off of auto and switch it to the on
position. Doing this will provide better circulation of the air and may help to even out
the temperature.


Call in the Professionals
If closing the heat registers hasn’t evened things out, your next step should be to call in
an HVAC Contractor. There are a few things that can be done to improve your home
heating situation.
Firstly, you’ll want to have your ductwork inspected. Ducts that are the wrong size or
are improperly sealed are often the cause of imbalanced heating. If this is the problem,
you’ll need to work with your contractor to come up with a viable solution.
Improper Sizing

Another problem might be an HVAC system that’s the wrong size for your home. If this

is the case, then you’ll definitely want to speak with an HVAC professional about
determining a system that’s properly suited to the needs of your household.

The Solution
No matter what the source of your home’s uneven heating might be, the professionals from your local Reliance can provide a solution. There are several ways in which an uneven heating problem can be resolved. It’s primarily a matter of the cause. Your best solution could be anything from installing a zoning system to considering the addition of a ductless split or replacing a poorly-sized HVAC system with one that is better suited to the size of your home.
Your local Reliance experts have been specially trained to recognize and diagnose problems relating to uneven heating. So if you’re home has you going from toques to t-shirts whenever you go from one floor to the next, be sure to contact Reliance for assistance today.

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