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Transitioning Your Home From Summer to Fall Readiness

summer to fall

Transitioning Your Home From Summer to Fall


Cozy up to the upcoming season by transitioning your home from summer to fall
readiness. While most of us enjoy the warmer weather that summer brings, it’s autumn
that wears the title of favourite season for many Canadians. That’s likely due to the
feeling of comfort that comes with fall. It’s the cooler weather, family fun, and the
vibrant colours of rust, gold, and pumpkin.
Of course now, tis the season to get ready! There are quite a few things that need to be
done around the house in order to prepare for the cooler temperatures. Here is a handy
checklist of chores to keep yourself organized as you prepare.




Clean out Gutters
Keeping your gutters clean and clear of debris is essential. Doing so prevents water
damage, ice dams, and the buildup of potentially hazardous icicles.
Overseed your Lawn
As the weather cools down, you’ll find no better time to repair thin or bare spots on
your lawn. This is the ideal time to overseed because the cooler nights and milder days
are ideal to promote germination of the grass seeds.
Trim the Trees
Trimming back trees that grow closely to your home or power lines is an important part
of fall maintenance. This helps to prevent any damage from fallen branches due to ice
buildup or heavy wind.


Check your Chimney
As you begin your fall cleaning chores, don’t forget to inspect your fireplace for soot or
creosote buildup. Creosote is a gummy, stinky and highly combustible substance, and
can pose a real hazard in homes with wood burning fireplaces. Your best bet is to hire a
professional chimney sweep to come in and give your chimney a good scrubbing.


Inspect Doors and Windows
Check for cracks or gaps around doors and windows. Seal or apply weather stripping as
Inspect and Test Safety Equipment
Keep your family safe and sound by using this time to run annual checks on items such
as smoke and CO detectors, fire extinguishers and other items. This is also a good time
to clear out any fire hazards, such as old cardboard boxes, newspapers, etc.


Transitioning from summer to fall doesn’t have to be all hard work and no play. Add

some fall colour to a room or two, with throw pillows, accessories and even a new rug.
As Thanksgiving and Halloween draw near you can also add some festive décor.
Schedule a Furnace Tune-up Appointment
Prepare your home for the cooler weather by scheduling a furnace maintenance
appointment with your local Reliance specialist. This is the best way to keep your home
warm and comfortable throughout the fall and winter seasons.


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