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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space

How to make the most of your outdoor living space

The cozy autumn months will be upon us before you know it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to abandon your outdoor living space. In fact, for many people, this is the perfect time to experience your own personal slice of the great outdoors. So grab your coziest sweater, a warm mug of cocoa, and let’s look at a few ways to maximize your outdoor living space this fall.
Grow a Garden

Gardening during the fall? Yes! Late summer and early fall are the perfect time to divide or plant certain types of perennials. That’s because the soil retains sufficient warmth to allow plant roots to continue growing. Simply add some mulch to keep plants insulated throughout the winter and to prevent the winter freezing from pushing them up out of the ground.

Even certain vegetables, like spinach, radishes and some types of lettuce can be planted into late September. Visit your local garden center to learn more.
Build a Fire

Adding a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or chiminea to your outdoor living space is not only great for keeping warm while you’re outside, but it’s also fantastic for entertaining. You can gather family and friends during the cooler evenings to roast marshmallows, look at the stars or just enjoy each other’s company.
A word of caution: open air burning is not legal in all parts of the country. Be sure to check with your local fire codes before purchasing a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or chiminea.
If an open fire isn’t your thing or isn’t legal where you live, you could also consider adding a patio heater.
Give your deck a makeover to reflect the season. Choose outdoor cushions and throws that reflect the richer colours of fall to anchor the look. Containers, accessories and statuary can also play up the theme. Or simply add some lovely urns of fall mums, ornamental grass and flowering kale. When Thanksgiving and Halloween arrive, why not add in a few pumpkins, a decorative straw bale or some festive decorations?
Adding little touches to your outdoor living space can go a long way toward extending your season of enjoyment. Who knows, you may even be able to plan a glorious outdoor Thanksgiving feast or a Halloween party. Of course, when the cold weather really starts to settle in, you’ll certainly want to move you entertaining indoors. So ensure that your furnace is in good working order so that you and your guests can comfortably enjoy this cozier time of the year!


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