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Try the Energy Star Home Advisor for Suggestions on Home Efficiency


Having an energy efficient home is not only helping the environment; it can save you money and increase your comfort. An Energy Star home advisor can assess your home and help you to make it as efficient as possible.

What is Energy Star?
The Energy Star program was an American designed program to save you money and protect the environment. Any products with the program’s logo have been tested in certified labs to ensure that they do not have a harsh effect on the environment. New homes can be given program approval by meeting certain HVAC, water management, and thermal enclosure system requirements.

The goals of the program include the following:

  • decrease the consumption of energy
  • make improvements in energy security
  • decrease pollution

    These goals are met through the high standards set by the label for products, homes, and businesses.

    As a homeowner, you can schedule an appointment with a home advisor. They offer expert advice and ideas for home improvement projects that will increase the energy efficiency of your home. The cooling, heating, and water systems are all evaluated by the advisor. Your current appliances, such as your water heater or furnace system, may not be as efficient as you think. The input of an advisor can help you decide what actions to take to make the most of your energy use.

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