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6 Ways To Maximize Your Home Comfort This Summer

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If there’s one thing nearly all Canadians love to talk about, it’ the weather. That’s because, here, when it’s cold it is COLD and when it’s hot… look out! From Halifax to Hamilton and Winnipeg to White Rock, when the temperature starts climbing, Canadians from coast to coast do anything they can to keep cool at home. Here is a list of 6 ways to maximize your home comfort this summer.


1. Get With the Program

Of course, the best way to maximize your home comfort during the summer is to have a high-quality, properly sized air conditioner and a programmable thermostat. When you can control your home’s temperature throughout the day it allows you to enjoy maximum coolness when everyone is home while minimizing your energy costs.


2. Just Say No to Cooking!

When the weather is already hot, the last thing you should do is add more heat. So rather than turning on the oven or stove, a good way to stay cool at home to find alternative meal prep options. Even if you don’t feel like firing up the grill, you can have a healthy, delicious cold meal. There is no shortage of recipes online for fresh, vibrant salads or hearty and flavourful sandwiches. Looking to add some protein to that salad or sandwich? Stop off at your local supermarket and pick up a rotisserie chicken. You’ll keep your kitchen cooler and even cut down on prep and cleanup, which means more time to sit outside and enjoy a nice cold beverage after dinner.


3. Throw Some Shade

When you make use of blinds, screens or sunshades in your home you will prevent up to 80% of the sun’s heat from permeating your windows. You can maximize this effect by installing room darkening blinds or shades. Of course another, more involved way to keep your home a bit shadier is to plant a deciduous tree on the sunnier side of your home. The result won’t be immediate; however, it will be long lasting and incredibly satisfying.


4. Make a Splash

If your household is lucky enough to have a pool out back, then you already know that a cold dip is the best way to stay cool at home. However, if you don’t have a pool, you can still enjoy the benefits of cool water by taking a bath, a cold shower or even mopping your brow and neck with a chilled towel.


5. Go Underground

Surely, every Canadian homeowner knows this trick. When the rest of your home is unbearably hot, the basement is the place to be. Since heat rises and much of your basement is surrounded by cool earth, it can turn this space into a cool sanctuary.


6. Take It Outside

Embrace your outdoor living space, especially since it’s covered in snow for so long. Whether you have a tiny deck or a sprawling backyard. When it’s hot out, your outdoor space can be a wonderful place to be. If you have no natural shade, you can purchase various different options at your local hardware or department store. If there’s a cool breeze blowing, then you’ll definitely want to relax outside. Add a cool drink or maybe a frozen treat, and some good company and you’ll have the makings of a perfect summer afternoon.


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