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What to Do About Door-To-Door Water Heater Inspectors

door to door water heater inspectors

The prevalence of door-to-door water heater sales is causing great concern among Canadian residents. With clipboard in hand, these “inspectors” show up unannounced, requesting to enter your home in order to assess the condition of your water heater. While some inspectors might work for legitimate companies, in some cases you need to protect yourself, your family and your home. So how is a homeowner to know whom is who, and what should you do when an inspector comes knocking?

Before You Open the Door

Your safety comes first whenever someone you don’t know approaches your home. If you don’t feel safe, don’t open the door no matter what badge the person is wearing. Remember that local utilities, government agencies, municipalities and regulator organizations don’t send out door-to-door salespeople. If you’re comfortable opening the door, i.e. recognize the name of the company and are familiar with them, stick to these rules for what to do about door-to-door water heater inspectors.

  • Request to see their photo ID if it isn’t prominently displayed. The ID must state their name and the name of the business
  • Don’t give out any personal information or show them any current bills.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any point, ask the salesperson to leave. They must leave immediately and if they don’t, call the authorities.
  • Make sure the company name on the person’s card, badge and sales materials match the company name on any contract presented.
  • Don’t let the person inspect your current water heater if you’re not comfortable with that. If they do inspect it, don’t accept their word that it’s unsafe and needs replacing
  • You’re not obligated in any way to sign a contract presented to you at the time of the salesperson’s visit.


Important Questions to Ask

Remember that if anything feels uncomfortable about dealing with the salesperson and the contract they’re offering, don’t sign anything. Have the following questions on hand and you’re prepared by knowing exactly what to do about door-to-door water heater inspectors.

  • Can the representative leave a copy of the contract for your review?
  • Will the contract be renewed without your consent?
  • How long do you have to cancel the contract and are there charges if you cancel it?


Knowledge is Power

If your current equipment is running well and not in need of replacement, then you know exactly what to do about door-to-door water heater inspectors. When one shows up at your door, thank them for their time, tell them you’re not in need of an inspection or service and kindly ask them to leave your property. Never allow yourself or anyone you know to be bullied into agreeing to a water heater inspection or signing an equipment maintenance contract.

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