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What Happens During An Air Conditioner Tune Up?



There is no better way to extend the life of your air conditioner than to schedule an annual tune up. That’s because having your system maintained by a qualified professional will help reduce wear and tear, alert you to any possible issues and will also ensure its efficiency …and an efficient air conditioner can also help reduce your energy bills.

Of course, because your air conditioning system and its components are housed and hidden inside of large metal boxes, the concept of a tune up might be a complete mystery to you. So what happens during an air conditioner tune up when a professional technician goes behind the scenes? Let’s take a look!

During an air conditioner tune up, a professional technician will:

Check the electrical connections on your system
To avoid unsafe operation and possible system damage, connections, current, and voltage will be checked.


Lubricate all moving parts
Lubrication reduces friction, thus affecting wear-and-tear and energy use.


Verify safe operation
Controls will be checked for safe operation and the system will be checked to ensure it starts, runs, and turns off properly.


Address refrigerant levels
Verifying refrigerant levels is an essential part of an air conditioner tune up. Too little or too much refrigerant can raise energy costs and shorten the life of your system.


Clean evaporator and condenser coils and measure airflow
Dirty coils force your system to run longer and work harder to cool your home. Clean coils reduce energy use and prolong the life of your system.


Check and clean the condensate drain
Plugged condensate drains can cause major water damage as well as raise humidity inside your home to uncomfortable levels.


Clean and adjust blower components
Poor airflow resulting from blower issues can cause poor airflow, lost efficiency, and uncomfortable temperatures.


Confirm the proper function of your thermostat
A properly functioning thermostat helps your system maintain temperature, keeps your home comfortable, and saves energy. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat during your air conditioner tune up can make achieving these goals even easier.


Look for signs of duct leakage
Poorly connected ductwork, leaks, and holes can result in a 20 percent loss of conditioned air, higher energy bills, and an uncomfortable home.


Recommend a service agreement
Service agreements ensure your system will continue to operate efficiently, catching problems before they arise, such as leaving you stuck with a non-operating system during a heat wave. They also reduce the likelihood of you forgetting to schedule an annual service when life gets hectic.


There are also a few easy maintenance tasks that homeowners can do on their own. To help promote the most efficient, trouble-free operation of your air conditioner this summer, be sure to stay on top of these simple maintenance tasks:

  • Change your air filter regularly.
  • Keep the area around your outdoor condensing unit clean.
  •  Clear obstructions from around air vents.
  • Schedule an annual air conditioner tune up.


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