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How To Save Money On Your Energy Bill



As the cost of energy continues to climb, it becomes increasingly important for Canadians to figure out ways to reduce their consumption. Not only it is helpful to save money where possible, but reducing your energy usage is great for the environment too. There are many things you can to reduce your energy bill, so let’s take a look at how to save money by reducing your energy consumption.

Programmable Thermostats
One sure way to reduce your electricity bill is to use programmable thermostats. You can save a huge amount of money by reducing the temperature in your home, even by just a few degrees. These units will maintain your heating and cooling processes effectively, by maintaining a set temperature throughout the day. You can use temporary settings, or permanent settings when you go on holiday, for example. Programmable thermostats are ideal to use if you want to know how to save money on your electricity bills. You won’t waste any energy and will maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home.

Use Appliances During Off Peak Times
Consult your energy company for the most optimal times to run appliances such as dishwashers and washer/dryers. This isn’t a huge money saver; however, in the long run, every little bit can help.

Heating and Air Conditioning Tips
Open your vents when possible. This will make it easier for your heater or air conditioner to circulate air throughout the home. You can also use an electric blanket to keep you warm while you are in bed, so that you won’t have to rely on your central heating and cooling to keep your entire room warm. Another great tip is to turn down the heat during the day – but not all the way down. It costs more to completely heat a room, so make sure that you just turn the heat down a bit when you are not home.

Remember to close your doors. If you know that you won’t be in a room for a while, close the doors to that room and conserve the heat. The room will heat up in no time. Depending which way your windows face, sunlight can be a big help in terms of keeping heat inside the home. Open your shades in the morning and close them at night. You want to keep heat inside the room as much as possible. These are just some of the handy tips for home owners wanting to know how to save money when it comes to their electricity bills.

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