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Understanding Furnace and Air Conditioner Protection Plan Coverage

HVAC Systems


For a homeowner looking to make the best decision for his or her family, understanding the coverage afforded by a furnace and air conditioner protection plan is important. A good plan, exercised properly, can make a big difference as temperatures change. However, part of knowing the quality of a plan is understanding what a  protection plan SHOULD offer. Here are some of the common points you’ll see offered in a plan and what it all means, so you can make the best-informed decision possible.
Guaranteed Licensed Service
Improperly handled, furnaces and air conditioners can be dangerous things. Any decent protection plan will guarantee nothing but the best technicians. Are you looking at a plan that does NOT guarantee 100% licensed and certified professionals? Run away as fast as you can.
Telephone Support
Not every problem requires a technician on-site to resolve it. With a good protection plan, you’ll have 24/7 phone support; having someone ready to explain how to reset a glitchy thermostat at 1 am is a valuable thing to help maintain a comfortable home. And 24/7 support means that when you do need a technician, they’re headed out as soon as possible.
Parts and Labour
Read this section closely on any furnace and air conditioner protection plan. A good plan should cover the vast majority of parts and labour with nothing out of your pocket. A long list of exemptions or a short list of allowances should both be cause for concern. Out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles aren’t normal for HVAC service plans. Good coverage is easy to find, so don’t settle for lesser plans.
Some protection plans will mandate a pre-inspection before approving you or setting a price. The best plans typically don’t bother–they’re ready to cover you if things go wrong, instead of looking for as many outs as possible. That said, pre-inspection isn’t a big red flag, just an inconvenience you can probably avoid.
Annual Maintenance
The very best plans don’t just fix things once they’re broken, they keep you from ever needing to make an emergency repair call to begin with. An annual maintenance built into your furnace and air conditioner protection plan helps everybody involved. The technicians have fewer problems to deal with, and you don’t find yourself facing an outage during extreme weather conditions. Well-maintained HVAC equipment will save you money on energy expenses in the long run, too, so paying the extra for a maintenance clause on your plan will often cost you nothing in the long term.
A Few Last Considerations
Are you wondering just how much repairs can cost without a furnace and air conditioner protection plan? Parts and labour for a coil alone can break $1,000. Ignition modules and ventor motors aren’t much cheaper, at $525 and $765 each. There’s also the question of service priority; as a pre-paid customer, you’ll typically see faster responses to your service calls. That’s a valuable thing when your equipment stops working when you need it most.

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