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Popular Interior Paint Colours and How You Can Use Them

Interior Paint Colours


When it comes to creating a comfortable home, the most important thing to remember is that it has to be pleasing to all of your senses. Your home should feel comfortable, with help from an efficient, well-maintained heating and cooling system and cozy furnishings. It should smell comfortable –whether due to fragrance, freshly baked cookies or simply the aroma of cleanliness.
Of course another very important part of creating a comfortable home is visual appeal, a few things strike a more dramatic visual chord with people than colour. This year’s colours bring an interesting blend of hues designed to accent and brighten interiors with versatile palettes that work in a multitude of spaces. Here is a brief look at some of the popular interior paint colours and how they can be used, to help inspire and unleash your inner interior designer.
Nuevo Neutrals
The term “neutral” has long referred to a lackluster cadre of whites, beiges, taupes and grays designed to act as a soothing backdrop for standout furnishings, textures and accent colors. Although past neutrals have often been labelled as “boring” this year’s crop of popular interior paint colours brings a fresh and innovative approach. The latest neutrals bring a sophisticated blend of both warmth and coolness to leave boring neutrals behind.
Jeweled Mid-tones
Nestled carefully between lighter neutrals and powerful dark tones, each paint manufacturer unveiled an energetic collection of saturated mid-tone colours. The common theme was to borrow inspiration for the eclectic blend of popular interior paint colours from a variety of sources, which included historical textiles, spices and nature.
Bold Dark Hues
Everybody loves a little drama, and this year’s most dramatic walls are appearing in deep, dark hues. How deep and how dark? Well, it doesn’t get much darker than the shades trending on walls today, from midnight blue to deep ebony shades. The darker colours encourage you to be bold in both your design and your daily life, by challenging you to embrace drama and excitement. But don’t worry, if things get too exciting relief is available in the form of white paint.
How to Use The Season’s Colour Trends at Home
There are different commitment levels that come with incorporating new colour trends in your home. If you’re not ready to slather an entire room in midnight blue, but still absolutely adore the colour, try adding it in the form of accent pillows, a throw rug or other accessories. For a bit more of a commitment, adding a set of upholstered armchairs will help you tap into the inviting tone. Or, if you’re really interested in breaking out the paint brush, start by adding an accent wall, rather than painting an entire room.
Stay Healthy
No matter which of these new colour trends you choose to use in your home, opting for a low or no VOC (volatile organic compound) paint is the best way to maintain your indoor air quality when painting. This type of paint is virtually odorless and may be best for allergy sufferers, those with scent sensitivities and homes with small children.
Of course, in the end, it’s really all about creating a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. So if you really want to redo your powder room in a shock of electric plum, go right ahead and go wild.

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