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Top 5 Reasons to Book a Home Heating and Cooling Consultation

For most homeowners, home heating and cooling systems are things that we tend to take for granted … until they no longer work. So, it makes sense that shopping around for a new HVAC system can be confusing and possibly a little intimidating. Your family’s home comfort is extremely important, but then again, so is your budget. This means trying to find the best system for your home at the right price. However, what exactly should a homeowner look for in a new furnace, air conditioner or both? And what exactly is a SEER rating, anyway?

That is why it pays to book a home heating and cooling consultation, with qualified, experienced HVAC professionals, instead of trying to figure things out on your own. Here are the top 5 reasons to book a home heating and cooling consultation:

1. Save Money
Saving money is usually at the top of everyone’s priority list, which is why booking an HVAC consultation is so important. It helps you to select the unit best suited to your heating and cooling needs. For example, a furnace that is too big for your home will turn on and off too frequently, while a unit that is too small may not be able to heat your home properly. Either way, a poorly sized unit will result in an increase in your energy bill: something that nobody wants.

2. Improve Energy Efficiency
While many home owners enjoy conducting their own research online, and learning all about things like SEER ratings, AFUE ratings and other aspects of choosing the most energy efficient units available, the fact is that most of us simply haven’t the time. When you book a free consultation with your local HVAC professional, he or she will be able to help you understand what makes certain units more efficient than others, and together you can select your home’s ideal unit(s).

3. Improve Whole Home Comfort
During a home heating and cooling consultation, your HVAC contractor will assess the size of your home and evaluate the unique needs of your household. Then, they can create a customized quote, which will recommend the right solution for your home.

4. A Reliable Second Opinion
Have you already conducted some research and looked into a few different home heating or cooling systems, but would like a second opinion? Booking a free, no obligation consultation is a great way to get conformation on your choice, or to explore new avenues that you hadn’t considered.

5. Build a Service Relationship
When you connect with a reliable home heating and cooling company, like your local Reliance, the initial meeting should only be the beginning. That’s because we take a vested interest in your home comfort. From the initial consultation, throughout the purchase and installation, as well as the regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system, you can count on the top quality products and unbeatable customer service that we provide.

Contact us to schedule your FREE, no obligation Smart Fit consultation today.

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