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Enjoy the Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier

Whole Home HumidifierHas the air in your home begun to feel uncomfortably dry? If so, it may be time to consider the benefits of adding a whole home humidifier. Severely dry air that reaches a humidity level below 30 percent can spark a host of health issues. These issues include respiratory irritation, nosebleeds, uncomfortably dry nasal passages and itchy skin just to name a few.  Additionally, dry air has been proven to aggravate asthma and the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

For many people, the first line of defense against dry home air is to purchase a freestanding, portable humidifier.  However, their ability to provide adequate humidity is extremely limited. The more optimal solution for your home comfort is to install a whole home humidifier.

This type of humidifier is integrated into your existing HVAC system and moistens the air via your existing ductwork. The humidity level can be adjusted by your thermostat, making it a far more efficient option than the portable units.

Here are some of the benefits associated with whole home humidifiers:

No need for filling and refilling

Filling and refilling the portable humidifier with water every few days can be very tedious and time consuming. Because standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can contaminate your air with germs, you’ll usually be asked to use de-mineralized or distilled water and advised to empty and refill your reservoirs daily with fresh water. The whole home humidifier draws water from the plumbing system as it’s needed so you’ll never have to worry about filling and refilling.

Ease of monitoring and control

Whole home humidifiers also save you from having to constantly monitor your humidity levels. Even with the enviable efficiency of portable humidifiers, you’ll still be required to watch the dampness of the area around the unit to determine if it’s turned up too high.  Whole home humidifiers make it easy to set humidity levels to the 45 to 50 percent range which is what is recommended by experts.

Energy efficiency

Installing a whole house humidifier will help you feel warmer at lower temperatures. At the end of the year, you could be saving up to 4% on the heating bill every time you turn down the thermostat by one degree.


Adding a whole home humidifier allows you to optimize the temperature and breathing comfort for your entire household. To learn more, talk to your local Reliance HVAC specialist for recommendations about the models that work best with your existing HVAC system.

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  • Paulette Kettlehut May 20, 2014, 1:19 pm

    We need this!! Our home is very dry and this is something that I know we would benefit from, We need to have a new roof put on so I’m not sure that we could afford to have one of these installed right away. I would like for you to give us a price though and we will see what we can do :-)
    Thanks Reliance

  • Trevor Sanderson May 16, 2014, 10:49 am

    what does it cost for a whole home humidifier

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