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Is your air conditioner ready for summer?

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all been there. You know those situations where you really need something but  just don’t get what you had hoped for? With hot, humid and sticky days just around the corner, make sure that you don’t sacrifice comfort when you need to cool down. Here are some valuable tips to get your air conditioning system ready for summer.

Outside your home

• REMOVE any coverings placed over the condenser (air conditioner) to permit free air flow from the cooling fan.
• REMOVE any leaves, plastic bags or other foreign materials that may have accumulated near the condenser. They often get stuck to the sides of the cooling fins on the condenser and reduce your air conditioners effectiveness.
• If your air conditioner is equipped with an electrical DISCONNECT box outside the home, make sure the electrical DISCONNECT is in the ON position. It may either be a switch or breaker.

Inside your home’s basement

• Turn your humidifier dial to OFF. The dial is located on the plenum in the furnace room. By doing so, the humidifier will not operate in the summer months and possibly save you on unnecessary water usage.
• CLOSE the humidifier bypass damper. If you leave the damper in the OPEN position, some of the air will bypass the cooling coil; hence less air will be cooled.
• Check and either clean or replace your filter.

Inside your home at the thermostat

• Slide the fan switch to AUTO
• Slide the thermostat switch to COOL
• Adjust the temperature DOWN to 5 degrees below the room temperature
• Wait a few minutes for the air conditioner to turn on
• Ensure cool air is emitting from a nearby floor register

Seeking the advice of one of our experts can also make a big difference in just how efficiently and effectively your system will work in the months ahead. If you don’t feel comfortable completing this checklist or are uncertain that your air conditioner will survive another hot summer when you need it most, learn more about how we can help at  reliancehomecomfort.com.

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