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9 Easy Home Improvement Projects to Take On This Spring

Spring is here! Of course that means that it’s time to clean out the mess left behind by the cold winter and prepare your home for the warmer weather. As much as you would like to put it off, it is inevitable that it will have to be done so better now than later! Home improvement projects can be quite a challenge, especially if you have neglected them for quite a while. However, once you have done all the sprucing up required in your home, you can enjoy the sunny months that will be here soon!

9 Simple Home Improvement Tasks for Spring 

If you are looking to take on a few home improvement projects this spring, remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. Take on a few projects here and there, over the course of a few weekends. Here are 9 of the simplest home improvements to take on:

Indoor projects:

1. Clean the windows: Now that the sun is always out, it is the perfect time to get your windows clean and sparkling to let the light and warmth of the sun in. You can use water and vinegar or a commercial window cleaning solution. When you clean your windows, you will notice a great change in how the rooms in your home look and feel!

2. Get carpets and rugs cleaned: Cleaning rugs and carpets during winter is tough, so you have probably left them as they are for the last few months. Now that spring is here, add cleaning them to your list of home improvement projects. Rug-shampooing machines can be rented if you do not want to hire professionals for the job.

3. Update your home with simple makeovers: If you think it is time to give your home a new look, you can paint the walls, get new lighting, etc. You can even change the surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom not only to make them look stylish but also raise your home’s value.

Outdoor projects:

4. Check your gutters and roof: Winter storms can cause damage to your roof and gutters, so make sure that you carefully check them. Clean out leaves and other debris left by the winter months to make sure that your gutters do not get clogged. If the roof or gutters have cracks, holes, etc. get them repaired or replaced ASAP!

5. Clean outdoor decks: Grime can accumulate on the decks during the cold season and what you can do is rent a pressure washer to get your deck efficiently cleaned. However, make sure that you use the right nozzle to prevent paint from chipping off or damaging the wood.

6. Check your doors and windows: Winter winds can do quite a bit of damage to windows and doors, so check them for any wear and tear. If complete replacement is not required, you can use weather-stripping on them. Do not forget to check storm windows and screens as well.

Yard projects:

7. Get raking: When it comes to outdoor home improvement projects, making sure that leaves and other debris are removed from your yard is important. This will get your outdoors ready for planting seeds and beautifying it.

8. Start planting: Once your yard is clear of leaves, vines, etc. start preparing the ground to plant new seeds. If you have been keeping flower bulbs inside, now is the perfect time to take them out and start planting them.

9. Add mulch: To give your garden a landscaped look, you can add mulch to the ground. This is beneficial as it will also prevent soil erosion, growth of weeds, etc. Mulch will also seal in moisture which is great for the flowers and plants that you have sown.

As you can see, simple things can help you succeed in your home improvement projects. Unless you want a professional to do the job, you can make your home look beautiful and ready for the warmer months that are just around the corner!

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