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Energy-Saving Practices That Can Also Help the Environment

Given the bone-chilling cold of Ontario’s winters, putting energy-saving practices into play to offset high heating bills not only will save you money, but also will help the environment. It’s likely that your heating system uses the majority of energy your home requires during the long winter, and these tips can help you cut consumption. (Some of them also will provide energy savings in the summer.)

  • Have your heating system serviced each year. These systems work hard many months of the year, and a regular HVAC maintenance can improve energy efficiency and performance in a heating system, reducing future repairs and extending its life. Not needing to replace your system reduces the demand for raw materials and saves you thousands of dollars.
  • Check the air filter for the furnace monthly and replace it when it’s dirty. Dust and debris on the filter slows system airflow, driving up energy costs and increasing wear on the system.
  • Consider a programmable thermostat, especially if your home is empty during the work day. Lower the temperature when you’re away from home or sleeping cuts energy consumption. Setting the thermostat back at night and when you leave can be difficult to remember, but a programmable unit will remember for you, making this device one of the best energy-saving practices you can employ.
  • Evaluate your home to learn if it would be a candidate for zoning. A home with a zoning system installed uses individual thermostats to control duct dampers in designated zones. You’re only heating (or cooling) these zones as needed. Multi-level homes, large homes, or homes with unused rooms are good candidates for this type of system.
  • During the heating season, when indoor environments can get very dry, use a whole-house humidifier to enhance your health and that of your home. This also will make your indoor air feel warmer, allowing you to turn down the heat a degree or two. A whole-house system offers control over the amount of moisture in the air and requires minimal maintenance.

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