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Sizing your replacement furnace is a skill: make sure your installer has it

If the furnace you’ve been using to heat your home has started giving you problems and is more than 10-15 years old, it may be time for a replacement. You may be amazed at how far furnace technology has advanced in the past decade, allowing for home heating units that are more efficient at providing indoor comfort and also more economical on the costs to run the equipment. If a replacement furnace is on your list of needed upgrades, ensuring that you obtain the exact size required for your particular home is an important factor when buying. Dealing with a highly rated HVAC system retailer/installer will guarantee optimum results throughout the process.

Proper furnace sizing requires some necessary calculations on the part of the equipment provider. Shortcuts, such as just going with the same size previously installed or using imprecise “rule of thumb” methods, will almost always end up wrong and result in some combination of the following:

  • Lower comfort levels
  • Increased initial price
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Increased maintenance costs

Furnace size is measured in BTU output. To determine the correct size for your home, heating load calculations must be made taking into account your home’s square footage, layout, amount of insulation, airtightness, number and condition of windows, and your individual desired level of comfort. To be done properly, a technician should be using the industry-standard Manual J to come up with an exact heating load.

Installing an undersized furnace will struggle to heat your home during the coldest weather. An oversized furnace will cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy and providing uneven heating. Plus it will be more expensive to purchase and operate. Other typical results of using an oversized furnace are increased maintenance, more frequent breakdowns, a tendency for rust-through holes to develop in the heat exchanger, and a greater degree of wear and tear on the equipment.

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