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What Happens If I Don’t Keep Up With My Air Conditioner Maintenance?

We often take for granted the clean and fresh air that our air conditioner delivers into our home every day. We often don’t appreciate our air conditioning system until it stops working! The only way to avoid an unexpected failure is to keep up to date with your air conditioner maintenance.

Having your A/C unit maintained on a regular basis will not only avoid unexpected break downs in the heat of summer, it will also enhance the longevity of your cooling system and delay a costly replacement.

Perhaps the best way to see the importance of regular air conditioner maintenance is to take a look at the effects that lack of proper maintenance may cause:

  • High Energy Bills – your air conditioner cools and also filters the air inside your home allowing you to enjoy a comfortable temperature and fresh air throughout those hot summer days. In time, A/C filters get coated with dust and debris, ducts get clogged, and condenser coils get dirty, which prevents the air conditioner from efficiently producing and circulating cool air. Your unit is forced to run more intensely and longer to deliver the same level of cool air that it is used to. The result? Your electric bill will be higher every month that you allow your air conditioner to run harder. You can reduce your energy bills if you simply call your air conditioner maintenance specialist who can address all of your concerns and have your unit running efficiently again.
  • High Repair Costs – You can maintain low energy bills, as well as lower repair costs with regular air conditioner maintenance. When you don’t attend to the small problems of your unit on time, you allow these small issues to turn into big problems that require larger investments or even a total replacement. When your compressor is left to work harder and harder for months in a row, it can eventually break down and you will need to replace it. This replacement can cost you a lot more than a preventive cleaning of coils and filters. Failure of the air compressor may be the least of your problems. You can also experience water leaks in the system that can deteriorate the air conditioner. Think twice before postponing your air conditioner maintenance.
  • Short Equipment Life – Preventive maintenance extends the life of all equipment. This is true for cars, computers, water heaters, air conditioners, and most other home equipment. Regularly serviced and cleaned air conditioners will last you for many more years than neglected equipment. When just one part fails to function properly, the entire air conditioner operates under stress, which can result in premature failure of the entire system. When all parts work properly, the entire system functions well. A well-maintained A/C unit can serve you for many more years than you would expect. All it takes is regular air conditioner maintenance, that doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t take up a lot of time.

At Reliance Home Comfort, we believe that the best way to ensure great air quality and to extend the life of your air conditioning system is regular maintenance. We offer AC service plans at a low monthly cost to make sure your unit is always operating efficiently. Most parts and labour are covered under these plans, so you’ll never have to worry about costly repair bills. Check out our service plans to learn more about how you can keep your equipment running efficiently.

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