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How Long Will a Water Heater Installation Take?

All equipment in our home can sometimes break down without any prior notice. Furnaces, air conditioners and other essential equipment can fail at the most inconvenient times. Water heaters are one piece of equipment that can have a definite impact on your day when they go down. If you’ve ever experienced a surprise cold shower, you know how uncomfortable it can be when your hot water heater isn’t working properly.

You can’t exactly schedule the time when your water heater will come to the end of its life, but you can make sure that you work with a reliable water heater company that can schedule and perform your new water heater installation as quickly as possible. If you are in need of a new hot water heater, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to get your system back up and running.

Before getting into further details like how long your water heater installation will take, you will have to make some serious purchasing decisions. Buying or renting a new water heater can be easy if you work closely with a trusted provider who can recommend you the most energy efficient and cost effective solution for your household’s needs. You have to be aware that not only costs and energy usage vary between different systems, but also installation times. The quicker you get informed about your new water heater – and you have lots of options to consider – the quicker your water heater installation can begin.

Suppose you’ve made a decision and purchased your water heater – how long will the actual installation take? This is a common question that most water heater suppliers are met with quite frequently. Specialists will immediately inform you that replacing an old water heater with a similar model is the most time-saving solution. Despite the longer installation time of a completely new tankless water heater, these modern systems are becoming increasingly appealing to many homeowners who prefer long term advantages over short installation times.

Typically, a water heater installation should not last more than 2 – 3 hours, given that no unforeseen complications arise. The basic installation process can be broken down into three simple steps for you to understand better what it actually involves. True licensed professionals will initially have to handle the removal of the old water heater system, which normally takes about an hour. This is the first step of the water heater installation and involves not only the actual removal of the old tank, but also draining the tank, and disconnecting the power source and water supply lines.

The second phase of water heater installation is concerned with positioning the new heater in place, which is the least time-consuming step of the entire process. A seasoned professional should be able to effectively maneuver the new water heater into place in about 30 minutes. Once the new heater is in place, the installer can proceed with the last stage of the water heater installation and connect the system. This can take up to an hour and includes more than connecting the heater to water and power sources. It also involves testing the unit and adjusting the settings.

At Reliance, premium installation is included with all new hot water heater rentals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can install a brand new tankless water heater in your home for reliable and efficient water heating.

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