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3 Advantages of Tankless Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem is a well-established American manufacturer of water heaters, boilers, and HVAC equipment. The company has a long tradition in the field with an operational journey spanning nearly 90 years, which has allowed them to build a reputation for excellence in all aspects of the industry. Rheem is especially famous for their innovative water heating solutions, particularly the tankless Rheem water heaters, which are not only energy efficient, but also highly convenient and eco-friendly. If you wish to learn more about these revolutionary water heaters, read on about the three main advantages that make them a great choice:

1. Energy Efficiency

With today’s increasing energy costs, you need home equipment designed for low cost operation. Tankless Rheem water heaters are energy efficient due to their advanced condensing technology that uses exhaust gases to reheat incoming cold water. This makes this type of water heater not only more energy efficient than traditional water heaters, but also more energy efficient than other tankless water heating systems on the market. Rheem water heaters employ an intelligent electronic control to increase even more energy efficiency, as well as safety. Energy Star qualified, tankless Rheem water heaters are up to 94% energy efficient when used with stainless steel condensing heat exchangers.


The Rheem products offer a compact space-saving design. Your tankless water heater will not take up more room than the space required for a typical medicine cabinet. Convenience is taken one step further and the tankless Rheem water heaters feature a digital display showing temperature settings and also maintenance codes. You also have the ability to control multiple units with an optional manifold control board. You can control up to six units, or up to 20 units, depending on your actual water heating requirements. Tankless Rheem water heaters can be operated up to 9,480 ft. above sea level without a chip.

Continuous Hot Water

The great advantage of tankless Rheem water heaters is the fact that they offer access to continuous hot water, no matter when you decide to use it or how much hot water you require. The principle of tankless water heaters is that the water gets heated as it flows through the system. It is a simple process that starts with turning on the hot water tap that signals the tankless water heater to turn on. The burner assembly is then controlled according to the temperature you’ve set on your unit’s thermostat, which automatically tells the electronic igniter to light the incoming gas through the burner. Next, the burner heats the heat exchanger which in turn heats the cold water flowing through it so that you are provided with as much hot water as you need when you need it. The moment you turn off the tap, the tankless Rheem water heaters turn off automatically, which implies less energy consumption. You only consume as much energy and gas necessary to heat the water that you actually use. Unlike traditional hot water heaters, no hot water is stored, and no excess energy is lost.

A Rheem tankless water heater is a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional home hot water heaters. If you are looking for a new water heater that delivers a constant supply of hot water, saves you space, and saves you on your energy bills, contact us today to learn more about installing a tankless unit in your home.

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