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Time For a New A/C Unit? Our List of the Best Central Air Conditioners

Technology experts seem to be quite busy inventing new and more effective machines to make our life more convenient and comfortable. When your A/C unit needs to be replaced, you simply have to consider having a new central air system installed in your home. Today’s air conditioners are energy-efficient, eco- and wallet-friendly. Here is Reliance Home Comfort’s list of the best central air conditioners:

  • The SmartAir 100 is a single stage central air conditioner delivering up to 13 SEER performance and operating on R410A refrigerant with a minimum footprint on the environment. This is a very effective and affordable solution as it incorporates factory installed in-line filter dryer and single stage thermostat. The SmartAir 100 meets minimum industry efficiency standards, and most of all purchasing it comes with a warranty of 5 years on parts and labor. The SmartAir 100 is also available for rental.
  • The SmartAir 1000 is one of the most efficient central air conditioners boasting an efficiency rating of 14.5 SEER and a smooth and quiet operation. It is an Energy Star air conditioner with factory-installed filter dryer, single-stage thermostat, 10 year parts and labor warranty, and environmentally friendly R420A refrigerant. This equipment also includes a winter cover and a free repair service protection plan on your existing furnace upon rental. The SmartAir 1000 exceeds minimum industry efficiency standards.
  • The SmartAir 2000 delivers superior comfort, exceptionally quiet operation and environmentally friendly performance. With an efficiency rating of 14.5 SEER, R410A refrigerant and in-line filter dryer, the SmartAir 2000 is considered an excellent choice if you are looking for an extensive warranty protection (10 years for labor and parts) and high efficiency in all respects. You can compare this unit with other central air conditioners, such as Lennox 14ACX, Carrier ACC6, and Amana ASX 14. The filtering system of this unit is constantly removing moisture and contaminants to protect your health.
  • The SmartAir 5000 is the most efficient of all central air conditioners on our list with an efficiency rating of up to 18.5 SEER. This equipment is also the most advanced with a universal programmable thermostat and reliable cooling at money saving efficiency levels. The SmartAir 5000 includes winter coverage and R410A refrigerant. A two-stage A/C unit, this machine comes with a special offer for renting that involves a free repair service protection plan on your existing furnace. Apart from the 10 year warranty for parts and labor, the SmartAir 5000 delivers the exact amount of coolness required, providing uniform cooling and greater comfort.

To learn more about having one of these central air conditioners installed in your home, request an online quote or you can arrange for a free in-home assessment. Reliance Home Comfort would be happy to help you choose the best central air conditioner for your needs.

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  • Alisa July 19, 2013, 5:36 am

    Great post. AC unit is now days very important device in homes. When your air conditioner is working properly then it is easy to forget that it is even present there. Buying new is easy but to increase the lifetime to these units, extra care is required. Beside the basic maintenance, it is also necessary to get the equipments tested by the experienced technician. The annual cost of 50-70 $ will save up to 5 % in the cooling cost. Making sure that the system is checked by the trained technician in every 6 months.

  • jean June 25, 2013, 11:26 am

    house 2500h sf- interested in an estimate

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