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3 Spring Air Conditioner Repair Tips from the Professionals

While most air conditioning repair jobs should be left in the hands of the professionals, it is always good to stay informed and get familiar with your A/C unit so you can watch for any potential problems and do some troubleshooting on your own.

Experts know best what to do and where to look for problems, but doing an examination of your air conditioner before you call in for help will assist the technician in diagnosing your problem. Furthermore, if you inform the team about what you found before they leave for your home, they are more likely to bring with them just the part that you need for your air conditioning repair. Here are three tips from the professionals for understanding your A/C unit:

  • Check the setting on the thermostat to make sure it is properly set on COOL. Each thermostat has its own configuration, so consult with your owner’s manual if necessary. Make sure that the thermostat is set on cool. Now you can turn on your air conditioning unit and see how it works. Check the thermostat temperature setting. This is the temperature that you should get in your room. Typically, the temperature on the thermostat should be lower than that of the room and you should immediately feel it as the air starts to cool down. If that doesn’t happen, you have a problem and you should talk to your air conditioner repair expert.
  • Working fans are a good sign, but when neither the fan inside the indoor unit (which is your furnace) nor the fan inside the system’s condenser (outdoor unit) is working, you have a problem that calls for professional intervention. You can do one more check and make sure that the circuit breakers are ok for both the condenser and the furnace. Sometimes the indoor unit’s fan works perfectly and the problem lies with the control board of the furnace or the furnace’s blower motor. Whichever the situation may be, it is clear that you need the help of a professional specialized in air conditioner repair. Although you may not be able to solve the problem yourself, you could definitely inform the technicians about the situation and they will be prepared with everything they need to fix the problem quickly.
  • When the furnace’s fan is not functioning, one of the causes may be ice buildup on the refrigerant pipes of the coil. Sometimes this can be easily resolved at home by turning off the air conditioner and letting the ice melt. After that, the air conditioner should start working properly. However, this only temporarily solves the problem because poor air flow of the unit is the actual root cause and you will need the help of an air conditioner repair expert to fix the problem in the future if the coil keeps freezing. A bigger problem, however, is when there is no ice buildup and the air conditioner is still not running. That may indicate a problem with the coolant fluid level – which is definitely a job for air conditioner repair experts.

The team at Reliance Home Comfort is prepared to handle any of these air conditioner repairs to keep your system running at peak performance. Spring is the time to get your air conditioning unit in shape for the hot weather, so give us a call today to book an appointment.

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