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Winter Storms: get ready now!

If you live in Ontario, winter storms can arrive suddenly at any time during our winter. It never hurts to be prepared for unexpected winter weather, which could lead to power outages and a lack of other services.

Before winter weather arrives, ensure your home is retaining the conditioned air you’re paying for. Seek out air leaks in your home and seal them with caulking and weatherstripping to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. You can also use plastic to cover your windows to provide added protection. Schedule maintenance for your furnace and chimney early so that they’re in top condition to handle the winter storms that may occur. Avoid freezing pipes by insulating them, and be sure to leave a small stream of water flowing when temperatures drop around or below freezing.

To make sure you and your family are best prepared to ride out a surprise storm, put together an emergency kit complete with all of the necessary items to get through severe weather. First prepare the basics, such as canned foods, can opener, extra water, medicines, flashlights and extra batteries. Also consider your communication options. Having a cordless phone won’t do you any good if the power is out, and a cell phone can’t be charged if the power is out, so a hard-wired telephone could come in handy. Keep a list of important numbers handy. Numbers such as the fire department, police and medical services should be written down and kept where you can easily access them.

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