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How to Read an EnerGuide Label

If you’re in the market for new appliances or home comfort equipment, you know how expensive it can be. When it comes to such an important investment, you need to make sure you choose the products that will perform well over time while also saving you money on your energy bills.  

Fortunately, the EnerGuide label makes it easier than ever to compare products and make the right selection.

The Canadian government developed the program to communicate the energy consumption and efficiency of products from heating and cooling equipment to appliances, new houses and personal vehicles.

Take a look at this sample EnerGuide label and read about the benefits below:

  • Average Kilowatt-Hours Used. In the centre of the label you will see the amount of energy the product uses in a typical year. Simply find the lowest numbers and you will discover the most efficient products.
  • Compare to Other Models. The number is located above a horizontal sliding scale that makes it easy to compare the model to similar products. Look for values closest to the left side of the scale.
  • Type and Size. Below the scale, you will see the type and size of the model. This helps to ensure you are comparing similar products, rather than products that simply look similar.
  • Energy Star Label. Energy Star is an internationally recognized standard for measuring efficiency and performance. The guidelines are constantly updated to ensure industry-leading technology and advancements are used with each new generation of products.
  • Quality Products. Every product is thoroughly tested by a third party to make sure it actually delivers the promised efficiency and performance. Not only does this mean that you can easily find the most efficient products, but you also know that it is well manufactured with quality materials.

The EnerGuide label is straightforward and easy to read, but you still need to size, install and maintain your investment properly. If you want to go beyond the label and find the perfect products for your needs, contact Reliance Home Comfort. We have the expertise to help homeowners in and around Ontario maximize their savings and comfort every time.

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