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Showcasing Sustainable Living in an Existing Neighbourhood.

Reliance is a leading sponsor and project manager for the Green Home Makeover project in Peel – a Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) initiative to select one home to participate in a free Green Home Makeover. The Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan (SNAP) Makeover will show residents how to save water and energy and reduce utility bills by choosing efficient products inside and outside the home.

SNAP is an innovative pilot program led by the TRCA in collaboration with regional, municipal and community partners. This program also seeks partnership and support from a range of green businesses, community groups and academic organizations.

In partnership with local stakeholders, including residents, businesses, local groups and institutions, the project seeks to develop action plans to improve the local environment on the neighbourhood scale and build resiliency against climate change by greening local infrastructure and encouraging positive behavioural changes among residents. Based on the existing conditions of each locale, the project sets neighbourhood-level targets and identifies key actions on private and public property to address environmental objectives in the context of social and economic considerations. Each plan builds a business case for implementation by measuring individual and community benefits and cost savings.

As part of the County Court SNAP, one home was selected to participate in a free Green Home Makeover! The goals of the Green Home Makeover are to:

  • Showcase innovative eco-friendly home improvements and retrofits for single detached homes
  • Educate homeowners and the building industry on new technology installation and maintenance
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of innovative sustainable technologies
  • Provide an on-the-ground illustration of retrofit benefits and connect people with how-to information

The Makeover is led by the TRCA in partnership with private sector sponsors, utilities, municipal partners, and water, landscape and green building industry associations.

Home selection

In February 2011, the TRCA and partners invited residents from across the County Court neighbourhood to attend an information session and to apply for the Makeover. Ten applications were received and reviewed by a selection jury made up of representatives from TRCA, the City of Brampton, the Region of Peel and major sponsors. The jury reviewed the results of water, energy and landscape audits as well as homeowner interviews to evaluate and select the successful candidate. The objective was to identify a home that demonstrated the greatest need of upgrade and had the greatest potential to show change, and homeowners who would be interested in sharing their experiences with others in the neighbourhood and media.

To find out more about the lucky home and homeowners, click here!

What technologies and renovations might be included?

The Green Home Makeover will consist of a suite of green home products and renovations, including a high-efficiency HVAC system, insulation and weatherization, energy-efficient appliances, Energy Star windows and doors, low-flow toilets, rain barrels, a permeable driveway, water-efficient landscaping for the front yard, and other innovative green technologies and products

Each one of the products and renovations was generously donated to the project by sponsors.

Green Home Makeover outcomes:

Green renovations and products as part of the Makeover will contribute to:

  • Improved energy and water efficiency in the home
  • Reduced utility bills
  • Improved comfort of the home

By monitoring reductions in water and energy use, and associated financial savings for two years after the renovation, we will show homeowners why and how they should invest in similar projects at home.

Upon completion of all renovations, the home will be showcased at an official ribbon-cutting celebration, through a number of home tours and on our website. Check our website regularly for updates.


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