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Control spring allergies with these indoor air-quality solutions

With spring here, it’s time for allergy season. For many people, being outdoors during this time can become a miserable experience, which means staying inside away from the pollen and dust can be a better and healthier choice.

However, allergens can easily be brought into any home on clothing and footwear, and this can make the allergy situation indoors as bad as being outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean you have to surrender to the oncoming allergy season. Use your home as a safe haven where you can control spring allergy symptoms.

One of the best things to do is to install an air purifier and you should also change your HVAC filters monthly. These two tasks will limit the amount of allergens floating around indoors.

Vacuum floors and pay particular attention to areas around doorways. Use a quality HEPA filter vacuum to remove allergic particles from your surroundings. You can also turn your air conditioner on not only to help filter out allergens but also to lower the humidity in the house. In many cases, a higher humidity level will help trigger allergic reactions to mold and mildew.

Here are a few more ideas to help control spring allergies and make your home as comfortable as possible during the height of allergy season:

  • Always change your clothing after coming in from outside.
  • Wash your sheets, blankets and pillowcases weekly to remove mold and pollen particles from your bedding.
  • Get rid of household clutter. Store stuffed animals, books, magazines and knickknacks in plastic bags until after the allergy season.

If you have tips for our readers on how to combat allergy symptoms, add them in the comments. If we work together, we will be able to ensure we all have a Better Home in no time.

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  • Sarah March 27, 2012, 10:02 am

    A great article! We sometimes don’t realize that our homes harbor significant amounts of at least five allergy-provoking irritants and if we paid more attention to the spots where these common allergens usually linger we would be better protected from the negative impact they have on our health. Moreover, a large number of allergy-fighting products are available in the market that can contribute a great deal to an allergy-free home.

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