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Top Green Living Tips for December 8, 2010

As I’ve said before; it’s actually quite easy to go green. Hopefully you all make sustainable choices each day but in order to really make a difference, you must always keep searching for the next step in the journey! Take a look around. What else could you be doing to live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle? The possibilities are endless. Check out this week’s top 5 for some more great ideas that will help you do just that. As always, we’d love your feedback and additional tips.

  • Green Living Tip #5 – Eco Your Secret Santa via @TaigaCompany
  • Green Living Tip #4 – Green Packing & Shipping Tips via @Care2
  • Green Living Tip #3 – How to Draft-Proof Your Home via @WWFCanada
  • Green Living Tip #2 – 7 Green Things You Should Be Doing This Christmas via @MNNDaily
  • Green Living Tip #1 – Green parenting tips. Are you kids leading by ‘eco-example’?
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