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Top comfort tips for September 27, 2010

In the week’s comfort top 5, we’re focusing on your health and wellness. With so many things to consider regarding comfort both inside and outside of the home, the more you know, the better off you’ll be. For example, when it comes to indoor air quality, you may be surprised to know that sources of indoor air pollution are all around you. From paints to upholstery to cleaning products – many of these culprits can negatively impact your health therefore making your home far less comfortable than it could be. That said, air quality isn’t the only issue that impacts your comfort and you health – check out today’s links to learn more. And as always, please share your own tips as well!

Comfort Tip #5 – Avoid VOC’s With These Eco-Friendly Wall Treatments via @NaturalHomeMag

Comfort Tip #4 – Understand the Possible Sources of Indoor Air Pollution via @Care2

Comfort Tip #3 – Cardio Routine Can Nurture Sweet Dreams via @MotherNatureNet

Comfort Tip #2 – Low Back Pain – Risk Factors & Red Flags via @canadian_living

Comfort Tip #1 – Consider Your Heath & Comfort – Clean Green (video)

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