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QuickTips Summer Series #8: Healthy back to school lunches

As the old adage goes – there is nothing like a well balanced, nutritious breakfast to start your day! But for many Canadian families, this just isn’t the case. From processed and fried foods to sugary cereals, many children start their day off on the wrong foot and quickly find themselves crashing by mid-morning. Do your children a favor and get them going with a healthy breakfast and send them off to school with a healthy lunch and snacks.

We all know that diet has a huge impact on physical health and development, but many overlook the impact that poor dietary choices have on mental development and on our children’s ability to learn. Don’t fall into the temptation of convenience and pack their lunch with processed and prepackaged foods. Do what’s right for your children and give them the nutritious ‘fuel’ they need to get through the day!

Check out this week’s video for 5 quick tips to keep them healthy and focused during the school year. Remember, developing these habits at an early age will provide them with knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Have any tips to share? As always, we’d love to hear from you!

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