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QuickTips Summer Series #3: Farm fresh food!

Early last summer, the family and I were looking for a new and exciting daytrip. My son threw this one out….“Daddy, can we go to a farm?” What a great idea! I jumped online, checked out what options were available close to home and we ventured out the door. The short 20 minute trip to one of our local farms was the start of what has become part of our summer routine.

The experience of picking our own fruits and vegetables was fantastic and we were instantly hooked. The kids had a blast and absolutely love going back. The best part was seeing how much they enjoyed the fresh picked ‘harvest’. It’s not too often that you see a three year old demanding “More broccoli please!” – I kid you not. The kids really did notice the difference – as did we. Everything we picked was delicious and I gladly volunteered to go back on a regular basis for a fresh supply of seasonal treats! It was also reassuring to speak with staff to find out that the crops were grown in the most organic, least invasive means possible. Even better!

Not only was the experience an enjoyable one, it was enhanced by knowing that we were providing our children with fresher and healthier foods and helping the environment and our local economy in the process. Check out this week’s QuickTips Summer Series Green episode and I’ll give you the 5 benefits of eating locally and organically whenever possible.

What are you doing to get healthy and help out? As always, we’d love your thoughts.

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  • Tara July 30, 2010, 10:48 am

    Love going out to local growers – we always find some really great stuff! It’s amazing how much better it tastes that way too. :)

    • Rich Massingham July 30, 2010, 1:44 pm

      You said it Tara – what a great experience! We’ve enjoyed some of the freshest and tastiest fruits & veggies ever which is why we keep going back!

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