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Are your pets ready for summer?

Most of us are thrilled to welcome the long, sunny days of summer but after dealing with day after day of record setting heat, high humidity and poor air quality – those pleasant days can quickly turn into days that are hot, uncomfortable and downright dangerous. Especially for your pets.

Animals just aren’t equipped to deal with the heat in the same way that we are. While humans perspire to help regulate body temperature, cats and dogs can only expel heat by panting and through the balls of their feet. So special care is needed to protect them when temperatures soar.

This week’s video includes some quick and easy ways to help them stay happy and healthy through the ‘dog days’ of Summer. Providing them with shelter, water, rest and establishing good grooming habits are easy & effective steps to helping them cope. And whatever you do, don’t ever leave your pets in the car. This can quickly turn into a tragic situation!

How have you been keeping your pets safe and comfortable though the heat wave? As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please comment below!

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