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Fire Safety 101

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to safety in the home, I have no greater fear than the fear of fire. As parents of two small children, my wife and I are constantly on the hunt for potential hazards that we keep out of reach of these two young “explorers”.

We’ve stopped using toxic cleaning products and other household poison threats, all medicines are kept locked up and well out of reach and we’re always on the lookout for potential choking hazards to make sure our kids stay safe.

But when it comes to taking precautionary measures to prevent the threat of fire, we treat these potential threats just as seriously. Firefighters respond to over 50,000 residential fires in Canada each year, many of which result in death, injury and loss of valuables and property.

Check out this week’s video for a much better understanding of what you can do to PREVENT, DETECT and ESCAPE a fire emergency in your home. These steps should be reviewed, rehearsed and understood by everyone to give your family the highest level of safety and security. The responsibility lies with you because remember, in most fires…there are no second chances!

Have we left anything out? Please feel free to add to our list of tips in the comments section below.

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