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Safety Blitz with Rich

As we continue into week 2 of the Reliance Home Comfort – Home Essentials video series, we move into an area that should be top of mind for all Canadians – home security.

There are literally tens of thousands of break ins in Canada each year which equates to  almost one quarter of total property theft in this country – pretty scary! The surprising part of these statistics is that most of these crimes could have been prevented if the proper security measures had been taken.

Now we don’t all have monitored security systems but even if you do, never let an alarm system take the place of good physical security.

The first step is to do a quick home security assessment taking a good look at all entry points into the home and then ask your self this question, “Am I doing absolutely everything possible to avoid being the next victim?” They answer is typically “No”.

Take action now!  Follow the basic guidelines in this week’s video regarding physical and psychological barriers and you’ll have fewer worries when it comes to home security leaving your home a safer place for you, your valuables and most importantly, your family.

Feel free to leave us comments and give us your ideas and we’ll gladly feature them in future episodes!

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